Maven Installation in Windows in 2 Steps

For installing Maven in Windows, following are the 2 easy steps which you need to follow :

1) Download Maven Zip and Extract It
2) Set the Path

Note : Maven is a Java based tool. So , you must have Java installed for running Maven.

1. Download Maven Zip and Extract It

Go to official Site of Maven , download maven zip ( Ex : ) and extract the zip file in some location.

Maven Folder


2. Set the Path

Go to Environment Variables ( Windows Key+Pause -> Advanced System Settings -> Environment Variables )

Create following Variables in either User variables or System variables

1) Variable Name : JAVA_HOME

Value                : < path to JDK > Ex : C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_21

2) Variable Name : M2_HOME

Value             : <path where you extracted the maven> Ex : G:\My Workplace\lab\maven\apache-maven-3.2.3

3) Variable Name : PATH

Value                :  %M2_HOME%\bin

Maven Environment Variables


That's it ! You are Done with Maven Installation.

Verify the Installation

open Command Prompt ( windows+R -> type 'cmd' and enter ) and execute mvn --version

Maven Installation Verification


If you see something similar to above output, that means Maven Installed successfully.



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